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Sara [userpic]
by Sara (lizinka)
at July 3rd, 2007 (08:37 pm)

current location: New Haven, Indiana, USA
mood: bored

So, I was kind of bored and thinking of starting up my website again. It's not too expensive and I really like having a personal homepage ... other than MySpace or LiveJournal. I'd also add a blog to my site, since that seems to be a popular thing to do. I don't know if I want to go with my old domain name or not.

I have regular updates and what not on my page when I'm too busy (read: lazy) to update, I'd use the tags feature on LJ to go to more specific pages. Most posts would come from lizinka as that's my default name. Anything pertaining to school would come from kingse02 as that was my username in college. Things about Lily would come from apreciousgift.

Some tags I'd be using are:
personal - for normal blog/journal entries
website - for website updates
liliana - for Liliana of course
masters - for anything related to getting my MA
work-teller - for things related to work in my current job
picture post - for picture blogs

Other things that I'm thinking of doing are "Today in History" and "5 links".

"Today in History" would be something about something that happened on this day back in whenever and a little of info about it. I like writing little things like that.

"5 Links" would be 5 websites that I'd visited on that day. I'm trying to listen MySpace as little as possible. For example: Today, I visited United States Department of the Treasury.

I'm up for suggestions, too.