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Baby Squishy! [userpic]
Picture Post: Liliana's 1st Fourth of July!
by Baby Squishy! (apreciousgift)
at July 4th, 2007 (09:54 pm)

mood: sleepy

Since I had the Fourth of July off, we went to the zoo in the morning. Chandra, Linzie, Dalton, Bev, Mikel, and Eryn also went. In the evening, we watched the fireworks with Sherri and Josh!

Lily just chillin' in her carseat at the zoo.

A birdie we saw at the zoo.

Lily sitting on a rhino skull in the Indonesian Rainforest.

Lily sitting in a male orangutan handprint.

Chandra holding Lily.

Eryn holding Lily while riding on the carousel in the Indonesian Rainforest.

Mommy and Lily riding on the train. Lily loves the choo-choo train ride.

Riding on the train being silly together.

Lily chewing on her hands during the train ride.

In the goat petting zoo. The goats kept walking away Lily.

Lily petting a goat.

Lily wearing Sherri's glittery Minnie Mouse ears.

A cute grin!

The sky before the fireworks.

Lily's face after the first couple of fireworks.

Lily was glued to the fireworks.

Mommy and Lily watching the fireworks.

One of the firework bursts.

Lily was glued to the fireworks display.

Silly kid!

Lily starting to get sleepy.