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Sara [userpic]
Busy Day
by Sara (lizinka)
at July 26th, 2007 (09:11 pm)

current location: New Haven, Indiana, USA
mood: not so productive
music: "Poppin' My Collar" by Three 6 Mafia

Work was pretty sedate. I had to eat at Three Kings because I forgot my lunch. There are only like three places (Three Kings, Aspy, or Hoagland Pizza) to eat at. TK had a lot of grease. I seriously thought that I was going to have a stroke right then.

Whippy Dip is yummy.

I need to get the dishes done. There really aren't that many, I'm just procrastinating on doing them. All day at work, I keep telling myself that I have to do dishes. I need to get them done and over with. Then, I come home and just don't feel like doing them.

I have to do dishes and put away laundry. No excuses.